Celebrating Walker's Point

Walker’s Point was one of the only Greater Downtown neighborhoods without a signature street festival. This is especially shocking when you consider that it may be the most amazing neighborhood. In collaboration with countless community members, the Walker's Point Association aimed to remedy that in 2017.

5th Street Fest is a showcase of all the things that make this place so great: The people, culture, businesses, food, brewers, arts, makers, music and more. Serving as a fundraiser for the Walker’s Point Association non-profit, it is an investment in this great neighborhood.

Let's celebrate everything special about this place and the people in it.

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5th Street Is A Hit

"Walker’s Point has a street festival to call its own. Hosted by the W.P.A. & Town Bank, 5th Street Fest centered on bringing the neighborhood together around music, food & entertainment "

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‘Cultural experiences, art, music, food:’ 5th Street Fest

" Celebrate the rich history of Walker's Point this weekend. Jonathon Gregg joins FOX6 WakeUp with a preview of the 5th Street Festival...."

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Walker's Point welcomes inaugural 5th Street Fest

"On Saturday, Sept. 23 from noon to 10 p.m. the Walker's Point Association and Town Bank will host 5th Street Fest which is, surprisingly, the neighborhood's first signature street festival..."

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Walker's Point preps for first-ever '5th Street Fest'

"'We haven’t had a signature event that combines all the elements of the neighborhood: the food, the breweries, the crafts, the musical acts,' said Cristian Vega, of the Walker’s Point Association..."

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Walker's Point 5th Street Fest Offers Fun For All

"Walker’s Point is hosting the 1st 5th Street Fest on Saturday, September 23 with a vibrant line-up of music, food & entertainment that celebrates the the neighborhood’s diversity & culture..."

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Public Policy With Mary Glass & Co.

"It is the first ever event that encompasses everything that is Walker's Point. What does that mean? We have amazing restaurants, brewers, makers, artists, musicians..."

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